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mardi 4 octobre 2016

SHIVA - Dionysos-Osiris or the Sacred Delices - Introduction - Part 1

To Shiva, 
Pure Consciousness, 
Absolute Wisdom, 
Infinite Love, 
Unmatched Power, 
With all my devotion. 

This book is a brief approach of Shiva and Dionysus, and of the importance of dance and sounds in our lives. 
All types of music are not good to listen because they attack our subtle bodies by their respective frequency. Others are healing. The same goes for the dance, especially when these practices are experienced under the protection of our Gods and Goddesses. And above all, of Shiva-Dionysus, of course.
I did not get to the bottom of things deliberately. Too many explanations generate just as many questions, and in this case, nothing can replace a direct contact with the teacher.

Although few in number, this book is mainly dedicated to my students rather than to novices who might not grasp the depth of these writings and their noble 
spiritual significance. The words always resonate differently in the ears of each and the personal filters may help to misunderstand the facts. Hence the limited edition of this book.

Other books will be written about Yoga and so many other aspects of our Goddesses and Gods. Thousands of encyclopediae will never succeed in describing them entirely. Their immense consciousness remains inaccessible to us. Above all, the words are missing, as also the ability of our brain to comprehend them. 
Shiva, God of the Gods, is nevertheless inscribed in our memories for anyone who really wants to dive into. One will emerge amazed by such glory blessed by the Life, and will grasp the importance of His return on Earth soon, with the coming of Satya Yuga.

Glory to Shiva, Wonder of Wonders, and to all our Goddesses and Gods.

Part One
Destroyer of the suffering 

«They will come back these gods 
you endlessly weep ! 
Time will bring back the order 
of the ancient days; 
The earth has shuddered of 
a prophetic breath …»
Gérard de Nerval 

Since a very long time, everywhere on Earth, arise the same symbols, the same epics, the same understandings. Only names change through deviations of pronunciation, differences of representation. Nevertheless, they stand firm and fixed somewhere in the collective consciousness of Humanity, rightfully sure of the return of the True Light.

At the time of the Ancient Goddesses and Gods that the church, full of its usual wickedness, has called «pagans» or even worse «demons», a single language, a unique meaning of values allowed a profound solidarity between the peoples of Earth, while remaining free and healthy individuals. No outrageous nationalism, no war created on purpose, no state terrorism. Just Goddesses, Gods and their children (us), all of them loving Life, happy and at peace. (1) 

Beyond all these Great Beings, a very special God, ancient, complex, multiple, original, libertarian, joyful, great musician, great dancer, in fact great in everything, surpassing by far in wisdom and power the other Goddesses and Gods all together : SHIVA, the Benevolent. Shiva and his thousand eight names, Shiva and his thousand eight metamorphoses. 
Knowing Shiva, perceiving him, feeling him in oneself, all around oneself, is the only way, -at least for me-, that leads to the Truth, the Knowledge, the Freedom of the Body, Soul and Mind, far away from an intellectual orthodoxy outrageously imposed on the entire planet, now mindless, ignorant and almost without any consciousness. 

Shiva solves everything, explains everything, reaches all the human depths, extracts us after many tests and initiations from the present mire, in order to raise us to the great Heights, where everything always remains immaculate. 
«Really ? would say some, this god Shiva nicknamed «the destroyer»? Yes, Shiva is the destroyer, BUT the destroyer of Evil and of all the suffering that goes hand in hand with. 
Curiously, this essential detail is missing in numerous texts. The «destroyer» worries. If we restore the truth, then the «destroyer of evil» reassures. Shiva is Satya, Eternal Truth. A notion of truth absolutely and fundamentally inherent to this grand God. Besides, his Era, the Satya Yuga, means «Age of Truth». 

Marduk once told me : 
«Shiva is Satya, Shiva is the Truth because the Truth is the Light of the Spirit, the deep Essence of the Being. Thus, Shiva inhabits the one who seeks, guides the one who goes up, welcomes the one who accomplishes oneself.»

Yoga, taking all branches together (Hatha, Kundalini, Yin ...) originates from Shiva. This Yoga, which connects and unifies, is the ignition key, the engine and the speed. A stationary speed, a silent movement, a powerful or inaudible breathing. With a strong preference for Kundalini Yoga whose depths prove to be unfathomable, just as the Grand Cosmic Yogi himself: Shiva.
Shiva, through Yoga, allows Humanity to benefit from an Art of the body and soul that keeps her away from diseases, imposed sufferings and limitations. Much more yet, the profound teaching of the Shaivite Yoga shows the path to the just rebellion, to the vision beyond the veil. Before withdrawing himself, Shiva has abandoned for whom would want to nourish oneself, heaps of texts, images, symbols, teachings and other monuments where every letter, every line, every stone evoke the TRUE SHAIVISM, not that of today, unfortunately led astray by Buddhism, Islam and countless manipulations, when it is not totally made up.
And what can we say about the «fast food Yoga», when one becomes a certified teacher in twenty eight days without ever entering the Pranayama and let alone the high values of Shiva, Himself VERY anterior to the contemporary Hinduism. As I will often repeat it.

In particular since the Vedas, Shaivism, because of the experts, translators and other «masters», tends towards monotheism. These Vedas would date back about three thousand years, but were compiled and written by the sage Vyasa, thousand years later. These Vedas and their multitude of rules were orally transmitted by the caste of Brahmins.
On the other hand, the public as the secrets teachings of Shiva are lost in the mists of time, so much their ancientness seems to be incommensurable. This is why vigilance is required when bringing credit to certain texts that are transmitted, translated and written by the highest caste of India. No doubt that it had an interest in the multiplication of rites and in the major spreading of the concept of Karma. Not to mention the excessive importance granted to their function. Killing a Brahmin is unforgivable, because representative of the Gods on Earth and dispenser of Knowledge. Ok. But it appears that, according to the original tradition, the Shaivite one, Life is sacred, be it that of a Brahmin, of an untouchable or of a «foolish man».
In some translations of the Vedas, we find the judeo-christian-sounding words «sin», «atonement», «penance». Karma relentlessly knocks out souls and minds. There is even now a «karma yoga». 
Born from recent Hinduism, karma does not exist in immemorial Shaivism because opposed to logic, compassion and, above all, to consistency with the worldview of Shiva, and of the teaching to pass on to his children and faithful. Moreover, Hinduism does not know Shiva. This strange but very powerful God was gradually integrated into the Vedas via Rudra, and his other names and aspects. Because Shiva makes conformists' blood freeze. It would be unfair to write here that all Brahmins are bad or «anti-Shiva» but many fear him and turn away from Him. Shiva does not recognize the castes. Hinduism, as known in the West, has nothing in common with ancient Shaivism. Nothing at all. This Hinduism is a religion that contains the same problems, the same weaknesses, the same injustices as the others. Karma, boomerang, sanction, atonement, sin, threatening gods, petty squabbling...
None of this originates from Shiva. NOTHING
I will repeat and repeat it. And besides, if one sin has to exist in ancient Shaivism, it would be that of doing nothing, of practicing nothing, of understanding nothing, of refusing any authentic evolution, wasting finally the wonderful presence of Shiva in oneself.
A wonderful presence which in the face of ignorance, laziness and refusal of any open-mindedness will leave the being for others more fruitful horizons. Here is how to spoil the seeds of Consciousness and never achieve any height, except that of the prevailing stupidity, of the corrupted «spiritual fast food» and of the absence to oneself.
India of today, and of the recent centuries in its entirety, is not of Shiva or any of our Gods and Goddesses. This India with castes, where nearly five hundred millions human beings roam without subsistence level, without toilets or drain-sewage, without any hygiene or respect from the wealthy, does not belong to our Gods and Goddesses for whom solidarity, cleanliness, freedom and self-worth are the foundations of any civilization.

Two Indias currently coexist: that of Mohenjo-Daro that proves, by its ruins and foundations, the existence of a public sewage system, centers of welfare and a serene organization of life without stress or unhealthy competition, and the other, contemporary where grime spreads its tentacles into the smallest corners of the everyday life of everyone.
But only in India you can shout your love for Shiva, Vishnu or Krishna without any fear, or you can go dressed as you like. But that liberty hides many horrors.(2)

One more word about «karma», perfect equivalent of the thriving christian teaching «through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault».
The concept of castes intended by birth -and thus by «god»- creates poverty and submission from generation to generation of the Untouchables (the Dalits) to the upper castes. This submission is rooted in a terrifying inevitability: karma.
Shiva declares himself official enemy of the caste system and of all the wealthy of the country who use the poverty of the Untouchables to force them to slavery. Shiva abhors this conceitedness, this smugness due to «birth», from father to son. This is the work of Evil: the poor in the service of the wealthy, without any hope for evolution or change. An untouchable remains an untouchable, even when he successfully studies. The caste of birth can never be erased.
Shiva strongly condemns any exploitation of human being everywhere on Earth. Anu’s system poisons the world for too long, not just in India. Castes, social classes, string-pulling, negotiations behind the scenes, backroom deal-making, no matter the words.

Only a few families hold in their hands almost the entire global wealth. For them, the human race is just livestock. 
Anu, in his great work of systematic inversion, declared in the Vedas that animals AND humans were the cattle of Pashupati, another name for Shiva. What a nerve !...

With Shiva, one has to win one’s spurs and advance on merit. No social status, no economic caste, no specific «birthright». Only Wisdom has «force of law». (3)
I want to stress this point because it is crucial to understand the root of the state of the world : 
WHEREVER REIGNS THE SUFFERING, EVIL REIGNS. You cannot have the one without the other, because the one feeds on the other.
Of course, I am not talking here about a cold or an ankle sprain. I am talking about entire lives of suffering, submission, without joy or ecstasy. These societies that are entirely founded on the enslavement of bodies and souls only exist with Anu and nowhere else. Hence the importance of karma, which justifies these lives without any rest. One pays one’s evil deeds committed in past lives. 
India has abolished the castes in the texts but not in the facts. Gandhi, on whom they keep harping, would have abolished them after decolonization, but he clearly refrained from doing so. Because this system is rooted in Anu's Hinduism, which is very far away from ancient Shaivism that is more than three hundred thousands years old for its date of transmission to Humanity.
You can read, like I did, the sacred texts, you will read eighty percent of Anu : all these complicated rules, all these constraints, these threats, these fastidious rites which remind the Old Testament, the Kabbalistic magic, the endless obligations of Islam (which means «submission to god») and the hypocrisy of the gospels created to CONSOLIDATE the law of the prophets, and to sow hatred and discord within the families. Light years away from this illusion of the «love of christ». Did jesus not also reinforce the just and «divine» concept of caste, glorifying poverty by justifying the suffering to which he gave a redemptive aura ???
«Blessed are the poor in spirit......., blessed are those who mourn........., blessed are those who hunger and thirst......., blessed are those who are persecuted…..for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.»
Suffer, suffer, human friends, some day you will be happy. When ? Uh ... never, for sure. You first need to pay your karma. Every evil thought, every move not in accordance with the standard creates karma and directly offends «god», so heaven…you should forget about it !

Think about it dear readers : until several thousands years ago, only the Goddesses and Gods were compiling the Knowledge. Humans beings had to transmit it orally, because this requires to constantly keep the mind awaked, to do research, to immediately pass on the very interesting result of that research, and therefore to raise the Humans beings towards new understandings. Yet, what happens with the Kali Yuga? Everything is written, books become sacred, no one can go against the «revealed» writings. No more creativity, imagination, originality, or new way of thinking at the risk of becoming heretic, traitor, whimsical. A universal written law is absorbed by the minds and makes them fanatical or cynical. 
I read in a book of Alain Daniélou, I forgot which one, something very true, and confirmed by Marduk.
Knowledge must be directly transmitted to students, disciples and initiates. Not everything can be written, not everything has to become public. Oral transmission is fundamental, essential for our Gods. The voice is one of the favorite means of our Goddesses and Gods. The sound is a mantra. The sound is a healing. The Sound deploys the Life from which it originates.
« …..the writing is an urban phenomenon, characteristic of the Kali Yuga. The fixation of the teachings of «prophets» in books, which are considered sacred, paralyzes the ability to research, binds the so called truths and conflicts blind faith with search of knowledge. ...
Superstition in the writings is a barrier to the development of knowledge in the field of scientific and religious knowledge. The religions of the book have been one of the most effective instruments of decadence of Men during the Kali Yuga and were used by urban, religious or secular oligarchies as instruments of domination.» (4)
These words sound true, don't you think so ? What happens today if anyone dares to go against an «established truth»? And, established by whom? 
Nevertheless, in the present context, physically far away from our Goddesses and Gods, writing plays a fundamental role. But in absolute terms, and after tomorrow on Earth, we will return to the blessings of yesteryear, direct relationships and teachings of the true masters to the true disciples, and above all, of our Gods and Goddesses to their children, ourselves.

Shiva loathes these limitations, hates these choices of «society». His battle against Anu, begun long before the creation of the human race, is grounded on two opposite visions of Civilization.
Anu’s vision is that the civilized man must be in compliance with the system in which he lives, subjected and submitted. Communism and mind cloning create slavery for the people and peace for him.
Shiva’s vision is that of self-worth, creativity, originality, freedom that are the basis for every noble, worthy, magnificent civilization for all his true children. Not to mention dance, music, songs and celebrations !
In the Vedas, you will read that Shiva likes thugs and that «cosmic delinquents» form his legions. No doubt that Anu evokes here the cosmic mercenaries with whom he has teamed up himself. 
And that Shiva loves the people. What an unforgivable sin ... 
Shiva knows perfectly the human soul, he created it. He knows that the nobleness and intelligence of the heart do not result from any title of honor nor from assets on daddy’s bank account, but only from the nature of the soul. 
Tell me the choices of your soul and I will tell you who is your ego. And the reverse may be true.

Shiva has always carried on his teachings. That's why he inspired Hanuman to the wise storyteller of the Ramayana, more than two thousands years ago. Hanuman is presented as an avatar of Vishnu who embodies the conservative aspect of Shiva. Conservative, here, means «who maintains the worlds in balance».
So, Shiva is Hanuman. He wanted «to play this role» in the Ramayana in order to show the importance of generosity, of the nobleness of heart and soul, of loyalty, fidelity, solidarity, of the importance of helping the other to heal. Besides, Shiva-Hanuman is reminding the Yogis and Yoginis of his existence each time they perform a splits position or Hanumanasana.

Hanuman made a giant leap to reach Sri Lanka island from mainland India in order to find a very rare plant that would save Lakshmana's life, half-brother of Rama. With little time to look for the plant once in the place, he lifted the whole mountain in his hand and brought it on time to Rama. Lakshmana was saved. 
Each asana in Shaivite yoga has its history, its symbolism and above all, its secrets. The history of Shiva, of his avatars, of the Earth, of Humanity, of his metaphors, his teaching, his animals ....

As always, it is very difficult to write about this immense God, because the analogies seem to be endless. He appears everywhere, by force of circumstance. So, if we want to deepen our knowledge, repetitions are unavoidable.
Shiva constantly tries to teach his children. God of the Theater, «creator» of this wonderful art, he has always directed the history of the galaxy for his god-children and human-children ; he plays roles, personifies the 
elements, tells the secrets and the Sacred through legends and parables. His Goddesses and Gods do the same. For them, learning should be, at the same time, serious, comprehensive and ... fun, creative and fulfilling. (5)
Yes, Shiva constantly shows us the road to Consciousness. Because be careful, contrary to what the New Age, Hinduism, etc ... want us to believe, the reality of our world is certainly not a game. No God plays. They are really fighting and nobody will shake hands, even if a hypothetical voice will suddenly say «tail slate»! 
To sum up, Indians worship Hanuman and devote countless chants, mantras and tributes to him. Ok 
And the caste ? Do they agree with this incredible character and our sublime Shiva ???

All of us, Humans, have to ask ourselves serious questions about our choices and personal values. 
Our experience combines to the four Ages in a very subtle way. 
• The Golden Age is the Satya Yuga, the age of truth, the world of Shiva. The word «Truth» is so disturbing that, increasingly, everywhere, «Krita» Yuga replaces it. 
• Next is the Silver Age, Treta Yuga
• The Bronze Age, Dvapara Yuga where fraud and falsehood appear. 
• And finally the Iron Age in which we are floundering, the sadly notorious Kali Yuga
These four Ages retrace, in small scale and in parallel to «Heaven», the planetary path of the Earth and our personal evolution on a spiritual level. 
Thus the Golden Age, the Age of Truth, SATYA, guides our spiritual realization, supports our accomplishment: Kundalini to the seventh chakra, key to the Magnum Opus, etc. 
On the opposite, the Kali Yuga gives evidence of the ultimate fight for the children-warriors of Shiva and for the others, self-surpassing or self-destruction.

The Golden Age is for those who live and practice their spirituality up into the matter, place of incarnation, and who constantly and consciously develop Shiva’s values. 
The Age of Iron finally shows the true face of each through the battle Shiva fights. Shiva always highlights the dark side of each. Sooner or later, the masks drop with Him. All those who, by their extreme carelessness, indifference and cruelty have facilitated the deployment of this age whose duration exceeds 6000 years, will be held accountable for. 
Since December 2012, the dawn of this blessed Age,  that of Shiva and of Satya, is rising. But we will still endure the «comet tail» of Kali Yuga during several years. 

Again, I want to quote Alain Daniélou, although he says that Shiva is a «concept», which plays into the mortiferous hands ... (bold characters are mine.) 

«The Barbarian invaders whose incursions have marked everywhere the beginning of Kali Yuga have imposed their myths and cultures in India as in Greece or Rome, pushing back the Shaivite Dionysian tradition to go underground. Hence the creation of two parallel traditions, an official one, the Vedic, and a secret one, the Shaivite .. » (6)

I put dotted line here because I do not agree with the rest of the sentence. The original Shaivites (us, do not forget) were not ascetics, dirty and shaggy, beggars who waited for alms, ate excrements and drank in 
skulls ! Supposing that a God who loves so much Life wants for his children such self-denial just for his glory is such an insult that I refuse to continue in this direction. I will also leave aside all the mutilations required for the spiritual progress of Yogis (!!!). This is contrary to the teachings of Shiva who condemns all these unnecessary suffering with the most extreme rigor.

Shiva represents the god-master of the three constellations: 
Scorpio/snake/eagle which is equivalent to Kundalini, the follower in initiation, the master in action, death and rebirth, occult power, constant regeneration, eagle vision…
Capricorn, instantly evocative of Mount Kailash, elevation of Consciousness to infinity, symbolic place of residence of Shiva ; reliability, responsibility, courage are the three substantial qualities of an authentic Capricorn, if we want to link up here the constellation to the zodiacal sign.
Aquarius, the Water Bearer, the Golden Age, the entire and final revival of our solar system. Aquarius, which is unconventional, rebellious, libertarian, and where Uranus is in its own sign. Uranus/Shiva. 
This very brief description of the three constellations gives us some idea of the nature of Shiva. Begging? Poverty ? Humiliation? Renunciation? Really ???
All this demonstrates how common sense is essential in the study of the spiritual world, and how much one has to free one’s mind before diving into the sacred texts or supposedly sacred. Studying, questioning, searching, feeling, connecting the dots, and one morning the Truth suddenly arises. Then, everyone is free to accept it or not, to get into Shiva’s world or to run away.

Shiva uses the great natural cycles of Life because he embodies the highest level ever reached of personification of Life. 
Yes, we can say without batting an eye that Shiva is the Life. 
And his values are crystal-clear : 
• the respect and love of Life 
• the respect and love of Nature, included all its creatures (from animals to fairies via an entire unsuspected world which is cruelly destroyed by brainless humans) 
• the absolute right to be and to express one’s own nature 
• the absolute and inalienable right to Freedom, Truth, Knowledge, Creativity, Joy of Life and Love. 
The Love of Life, of oneself, of others, of the Other merges with an intense Jubilation, Bliss such as an Elation, a transcendent Dance, a complete Sublimation of the self.

Shiva is the true Father and the true Creator of Humanity, the only Father of Humanity to whom he gives free choice to experience what she desires, to do as she wants and to take responsibility for the consequences of her choices and actions. 
Yet -and hopefully-, Shiva regularly intervenes in human destiny. He saved her many times. He sends his messengers, his «avatars» to guide us and to raise us above the nothingness at any price. Because after all, if everyone is free to choose Shiva, nothingness, or what one wants ... One must have the means of those choices. In other words, knowing the true identity of each.
Today, thanks to the Internet, anyone who seeks finds. But one must really want it because these «findings» will make collapse numerous comfortable, deceptive and falsified beliefs. 
The war (conflicts and repeated genocides) prevails on Earth because the war rages on other cosmic planes. Evil exists on Earth because it also exists on Saturn, the Great Evil, Command Center of Anu and the diabolical creatures that form his legions. From that damned base, waves of misfortunes are constantly falling on our heads. 
Opening oneself to the truth of Shiva makes stronger, more solid, less manipulable, more impervious to Evil.

Shiva is the embodiment of Dharma, of Sanatana Dharma. 
Sanatana Dharma is the natural and universal law which governs all the Gods, all the beings, all the universes in their primordial, intrinsic, original substance. It avoids the chaos, the repeating «big bang», the massive and irreversible destructions.

Thus, the truth about the origins of the worlds and species can never be completely erased, and this in spite of the dangers faced. The ancestral rites, the reality of the Gods persist regardless of the ongoing Age. This is the grace of Sanatana Dharma, of Shiva. 
Sooner or later, justice is done and the truth illuminates again our souls and minds. 
The Golden Age represents the most powerful, the clearest and most eminent implementation of Sanatana Dharma.
-> Anu is Karma. The law of cause and effect which is blind, implacable, sadistic, where the Human being is always guilty of everything, overwhelmed, resigned by the divine curses, carrying his/her cross without any possible remission. 

Shiva is the natural law for everything and every being, hence his love for Truth, Freedom, Self-expression, respect for Life, etc. 
-> Anu crystallizes the law against nature, forced on everyone, that of the monotheistic religions, all of them created by him, sources and breeding grounds for conflicts, genocides, massive destructions and submissions.

• Shiva personifies Life in its most limitless, most generous and most beneficial aspect. 
-> Anu, the true hell, not that of myths and metaphors which symbolizes our inner depths (7) but the malignant tumor in the heart of Life that destroys the Heritage of Humanity with bombs, deprives the woman of any dignity, and economically and sexually enslaves children. 
We are surviving in hell, the hell of Anu on Earth, regardless of whether we accept it or not. 
This Eden, the well-known lost paradise we desperately or unconsciously seek everywhere, in every being, in every thing is the world of Shiva. 

The one of which we have been violently and cruelly deprived. Very soon, it will arise again from the Grand Immaculate Heights.

This is why the devout conformists reduce and limit Shiva to a rebel against conformity and conservativeness. Sure, Shiva tramples underfoot politics, castes, powerful people and dirty money. He laughs at the bourgeois fears, class rigidities and mental masturbation. Shiva is outside the norm because the norm breaks and muzzles. 
Shiva encourages originality for everyone, so that one can express one's vision of Life, create, experience without damage or muteness.
But Shiva extends beyond these conflicts linked to Kali Yuga. He accomplishes Dharma and serves Life at an unprecedented level.
The return to Shiva is sometimes painful because we realize all what has been taken and stolen from us, all what has been looted, destroyed against our will and because our forgetfulness. 
The great cosmic battle is a fact, not a myth as some want us to believe. All the ancient civilizations, all the ancient texts clearly evoke it, if one takes the time to study the few bits of truth left in a jumble of nonsenses and shady inversions. But these bits of truth will also disappear. Those who will have delayed doing some research will never know. Because the goal of this end of cycle is to destroy all knowledge still available on Earth, to wipe out from 
our asleep memories who we really are and from whom we are really descended.
One day, a bloodthirsty mad took the Earth and a part of the solar system. Shiva knew it. Shiva warned. Who listened to Him ? Very few. All of us today, Gods as Humans, are paying a very high price. 

Under the pretext of order and security, we suffer permanent damage since four thousands years. Even if in the West, we are somewhat spared, this will not last. Will history repeat itself ?

14:21 « Prepare a place to slaughter his children for the sins of their ancestors; they are not to rise to inherit the land and cover the earth with their cities..
14:22 I will rise up against them, declares the Lord Almighty. I will wipe out Babylon's name and survivors, her offspring and descendants, declares the Lord.
14:23 I will turn her into a place for owls and into swampland. I will sweep her with the broom of destruction, declares the Lord Almighty.
14:29 Do not rejoice, all you Philistines, that the rod that struck you is broken; from the root of that snake will spring up a viper, its fruit will be a darting, venomous serpent... 
14:31 Wail, you gate ! Howl, you city ! Melt away, all you Philistines ! A cloud of smoke comes from the north, and there is not a straggler in its ranks.»

9:6 «Slaughter the old men, the young men and women, the mothers and children, but do not touch anyone who has the mark...»

31:17 «Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man.»

13:16 «Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives violated. »

1-15:3 «Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys. » (8)

Should I continue ? Frankly ... Who would want such a god who indiscriminately kills his enemies as his own children too? «Kill them all, God will know His own.»
I want to come back to one point : the greatest tragedy of Humanity ? Monotheism. 
Let's read together: (bold characters are mine) 
«Any religion that considers its faithful like chosen ones, claiming to have received from a god the right and duty to propagate their beliefs, customs and to destroy or enslave the «unbelievers» can only be an imposture. The crusades, the missions, the holy wars are the masks of hegemony and colonialism. ...
The religion of the city had to find its justification in the monotheistic illusion. «The number one is the symbol of illusion», say the Tantras. ... 
The danger of monotheism is that it succeeds in reducing the divine to the image of man, an appropriation of God in the service of a chosen race. 
It is the opposite of a true religion because it serves as excuse for subjecting the divine work to human ambitions. ... 
In the words of Toynbee: «The salutary respect and awe with which man had originally regarded his environment was thus dispelled by Judaic monotheism in the versions of its Israelite originators and of Christians and Muslims....Communism is an outcome of Christianity. .... I diagnose communism as a religion, and specifically as a new representative of the Judaic species, in which the Judaic mythology has been preserved under the disguise of a nontheistic vocabulary».

All the religious movements have been inspired by the Shaivite message, even though they seek to deny it, or have distorted its heritage. If the Shaivite philosophy is so little known, it is because we do not want to recognize its primacy, nor to see its myths and rites showing through those of the later religions». (9)

Shivaism is a nature religion. No.. this term of «religion» is not right for Shiva. 
Shaivism is a SPIRITUALITY of Nature and of respect for the natural cycles of Life. 
It calls on Humans to commune with their Goddesses and Gods (until they will be back) via a specific contact with Nature, ecstatic Dancing, jubilant Music in order that their own divinity flows out from themselves. The one that Shiva, in his great Benevolence, has placed in each of his children when he created us. 
Many authors studied Shiva, and more importantly Dionysus and his well-known «Dionysian rites», portrayed as orgies. Although sometimes several pages about Shiva-Dionysus are right, invariably, the filth of Kali Yuga suddenly arises, reminding us the dirty trick of the inversion.

Blaming someone else for one's own crimes. Attributing to someone else one's own follies and weaknesses, turpitude and evildoings. A master stroke. A master stroke of enslaver. 
Yes, inevitably we read the same stories about animal sacrifices and even worse, human sacrifices, blood rivers of innocent peoples and crazy cannibals. 

And I don't care that people who are enough blind debase themselves to such villainies, losing forever their soul. I don't care, I repeat. The interpretation of texts is a matter of intelligence, intelligence of the heart more than of the mind and above all, of a sound judgment being not manipulated.

Shiva wants us to be happy and free, and now he devours us? Uh ... is it not rather Saturn that devours his children ??? 
Shiva reveres Life, and as Pashupati, God of the animals, he demands their killing? Uh ... Is it not rather the exhortations of the monotheistic gods, whose different names relate all, WITHOUT any exception to Anu ??? Shiva lets us free to unreservedly express our own nature, to say all what we think, to write, paint, draw whatever we want, and now he muzzles us and forces on us drastic rules? ?? 
Um ... is not this rather the mark of the «god» of the Bible, the Koran and even Jesus, supposedly so good and benevolent but imposing laws, discrimination and alienating rules, very often under threat of death or worse, eternal hell ???

«If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out.» 
Mark 9:43

«And if your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet feet and be thrown into eternal fire.»
Matthew 18:8

«And if your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell, where the worms that eat them do not die, and the fire is not quenched.
Everyone will be salted with fire.»
Mark 9:47-49

Oh, the joys of love...

NEVER, Shiva has required animal sacrifices, even less human sacrifices. Not either Dionysus, his Greek aspect or Osiris the Ancient, his Egyptian aspect. 
Shiva, pure wonder of Life, in love of Nature, in love of Women, in love of his children He protects for thousands of years, in love of Love ... and suddenly he feeds on innocent flesh, on blood and infamy? 
Come on ! All what is blamed on our true Father is the prerogative of his opponents, the Evil ones, the murderers, the desecrators, the usurpers who do not have the courage to take responsability for their own crimes.
«Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them» (Matthew 19:14), it is said, exalting pedophilia and its ministers to practice it.
Manfred Oeming says that «the violence of God always strikes also massively, women and children: children are victims of warriors acts, they are smashed against a rock (Ps 137,7); they are victims of cannibalism (2 R 6,28ss ; Lm 2,20-22 ; 4,10 ; Lev 26,27-33 etc.) ; they are sacrificed (Gn 22 ; Jg 11,31-39), in particular to Moloch (2 R 17,17.31 ; 21,6 ; 23,10) or cut into pieces (1 R 3)».(10)

Back to Shiva. Let's have a look at one of his most powerful symbols, the Linga (or lingam). 
Let's read the Shiva Purana: 
«I am not distinct from the phallus. The phallus is identical to me. It draws my faithful closer to me ; therefore it must be worshipped. My beloveds ! 
Everywhere an erected penis is to be found I am present, even if there is no other representation of me.» 

Shiva, great provider of Life, with an always fertile and divine semen, rests on the Yoni, the great Goddess Parvati / Kali who dominates over all Times (ages).
Still in the Linga Purana: «The entire world has the phallus as its foundation. All is issued from the Lingam. Everything comes from the Lingam. He who desires perfection of the soul must worship the Lingam».
That means that one has to find within oneself the union of Yin and Yang, of Ida and Pingala in Sushumna, the ecstasy because possessing the Goddess and the God within oneself, and because Shiva is the Origin, OUR origin. And by Him, symbolically, we must let ourselves be fertilized, ie that his power, his love and strength inhabit us. 
Above all, it means that the Lingam represents the soul of Shiva, the Great Soul, source of many lives. 
The true children of Shiva are born with Kundalini, with this invaluable present. When the great Serpent of Energy rises from the bottom of the spine up to the seventh heaven (seventh chakra), it becomes the Lingam. The Lingam that comes through the vacuole of each chakra-Yoni up to the accomplishment, in Sahasrara (seventh chakra).
Shiva is Min, the ithyphallic god who, tirelessly, sows, sows and creates. 
De facto, the man, bearer of the phallus, embodies a «little Shiva». And the woman, bearer of the Yoni, a «little Parvati». 

Think about the dismemberment of Osiris as it is commonly portrayed. Isis finds all the pieces of her husband's body, except the penis. The message is crystal clear and prophetic for whoever wisely decodes it. 
The disappearance of Osiris phallus infers that a serious imbalance is coming everywhere on Earth, the destruction for some time of the world of our Goddesses and Gods, and the advent of Evil for thousands of years. The Grand Benevolent withdraws for some time, in accordance with the will of Life itself.
The disappearance of this Phallus results from some laxness of a too spoilt Humanity in those ancient times. And then, somehow diverted by «newcomers». 
Century after century, millennium after millennium ... walking towards ease and deadly oblivion. 
When the human being has nothing real left within him, neither integrity nor will nor strength, nor courage, nor need for spirituality, nor profound desire for freedom and true love, then he is nothing but an empty shell, devoid of soul and heart. Humaneness given by Shiva vanishes and is replaced by irreversible inhumaneness. Because if, all of us, are little Parvati and little Shiva, certain values should remain within all of us, regardless of the tragedies we experienced life after life. Like an outpouring that is impossible to compel, a strong and stubborn Nature that always re-manifests itself. 
This quest for our origins only exists for thousands of years, but is fundamental, and supported by this outpouring. 
Freedom, truth, acquisition and practice of Knowledge should be natural for all of us, inherent to who we are in the Great Depths. We should really feel inhabited by this ineffable presence, Shiva-Shakti within us, and should persist in getting in touch with them. Dance, singing, meditation, yoga, performed in a certain way, help the contact.
So, is it easy for the detractors of Truth, - in reality, ignorants -, to assimilate Shiva and Dionysus and Osiris to possessors of souls, and any union with them to possession as made up in big budget movies. For what purpose ? Brutalizing our souls, terrifying our minds and keeping them away from our Gods.
Maybe, for the cool-hearted and narrow-minded people, the ecstasy offered by Shiva can be understood as crazy, just like a man and a woman making love would shock a little child who inadvertently would have caught such moments of intimacy. Positions, moans, cries would be terrifying, dangerous, animal ... because he does not know, because he does not understand what is going on ! Likewise, from an external point of view, certain dances, certain sounds, certain attitudes can be surprising or bizarre while in fact, they just represent the multiplicity of Life and its infinite expressions.
This extreme rigidity, which can break body and soul, is hidden in our daily lives, in pitiful situations, devoid of any consciousness. 
Let's see an example: jealousy, possessiveness. When a husband considers his wife as his property and does not bear that she stays away from him ; when he threatens her, cries, protests or blackmails her that he will commit suicide if she does something without him; when his entire life only revolves around her who nourishes, against her will, his obsession and his folly, then this man does not live according the values of Shiva. Similarly if the woman wants to possess the other. 
Because Shiva, though loving so much Parvati, does not prevent her from travelling, learning, experiencing. Even if he teaches her, she remains FREE to do as she wants. Her husband perfectly knows that no danger, no risk can alter real feelings, pure and profound love, even if the other one would be away for one day, one month, one year.

This kind of pathologically possessive person reveals a perversely obsessed jailer. If the parameters are to be modified against him, a war is declared between both souls. A merciless war between the one who wants freedom and the other hysterical -even evil- one who does not want to compromise. 
Loving someone is to make him/her free and happy. Any stranglehold seriously offends our Goddesses and Gods. War of souls, silencing of the ego, malefic selfishness, sucking the energy of someone are infamy. 

Shiva, on the contrary, exalts the individual within the couple and the group, because the way of being and the expression of individual talents joyfully feed couples and groups. Our Goddesses and Gods succeed in experiencing this apparent contradiction with an incredible and immortal plenitude. (11) 
Perhaps you are yet looking for the connection between the Lingam, dance and «stranglehold» ? Always the same sad story : self-abnegation ; oblivion of one's origins, of the importance of initiations ; absence to oneself, to one's depths ; refusal of any sane loneliness, to let express the soul ; sloth, indolence, carelessness ... yes, always the same sad story.

Back to the Lingam and its prowess: 
Marduk explained to me, long ago, that the Lingam, the pillars, the columns, Djed, Yggdrasil, all of them were a metaphor of Shiva and his tireless ability to fertilize: beings, races, worlds, civilizations, beauty, music, arts, dance .... So, he concluded, «In addition to the Goddess, to the woman, the Earth is the Yoni that Shiva ceaselessly fertilizes.» 
Shiva, god of sound profusion, of infinite abundance, of verdancy, is justly associated with the Green Man, Pashupati, the God of Nature and animals, Pan in the West. As usual, Pan is depicted as a satyr chasing all the yonis of the planet, insatiable, unbearable. Nonsense ! In the world of Shiva, seduction is not constraint. Nor pleasure, perversity. On the contrary, harmony reigns supreme because it, alone, moves away ruins and chaos. When this wonderful harmony is broken, then the Lingam / Djed «falls to the ground» and the ravages suddenly arise everywhere.

Let me be clear: 
The Lingam carries a sacred seed. This seed contains our entire history since immemorial times, our divine DNA, our most intrinsic substance. In addition to that of planets, systems and galaxies. This sacred creative seed also contains all the innate gifts, talents and elements that are inherent to the human race whose distant future, for the most deserving ones, is immortality.
So, making people believe that sex is dirty or useless, urging people to abstinence, condemning pleasure not only restricts the impact of the Lingam to the world but also deprives it from these innate gifts aforementioned. The souls get impoverished, the minds are dull, inner richness is more and more reduced. We then sink into the prophecy of Thoth or that of the Puranas. The more man loses his vocation of man, his sexual strength, his build and power, the more he becomes sterilized, the more the Lingam ceases to nourish its children. Not in retaliation, but because it does no longer have the sufficient genetic, physiological and spiritual support to fulfill its divine role. 
So there is nothing surprising to notice how our societies are degenerating. 
In the past, not so long ago, initiations marked the different ages of accomplishment of the being. Even the so decried military service was one of them. It indicated the entrance of the teenager in the mature world, making him responsible, making him more masculine. Everywhere, on all continents, ceremonies sanctified those moments when the teenager becomes a man.
Today, such rites would pertain to psychiatry, in the best case. The sacred, for now hunted on this Earth, waits for its hour of glory on other places, to our great misfortune. Lingam, Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, represent the primordial Nature existing in everything, in every place, in every being. The Lingam is the DNA of Life in what Life is and contains of more valuable. Attacking the Lingam is equivalent to attack the Life in its most noble substance. This will lead to dark and black chaos.

Back to the practice of Shaivite dances and songs. Those who participate in their homes or in festivals and ceremonies to such ecstasies (12), which are very natural, become Bhakthas, «participants» and followers of the Grand God Yogi. 
Let's listen to Marduk: 
«What is, stupidly, considered by too many people as orgies and bacchanalia, have nothing in common with these. As usual, a diversion of the meaning of words and deeds takes Humanity away from the Truth, the one that divinely enlightens souls and spirits. Jubilation, ecstasies, -as you call it- offer true wisdom to the Bhaktas who commune with the Gods and Mother- Nature, herself powerful, original, extravagant. 
What do you want to know : the intense joy of loving and existing between two sincere laughter or the dryness of the followers of religions, full of unnatural rules ? The choice lies in your will.»
In the first pages of his book, which of course contains stories of human sacrifices and other nonsenses, nevertheless Alain Daniélou writes : (13)
(bold characters are mine) 
«... the malicious and perfidious descriptions that Livy has made of Dionysiac rites to justify the persecution of their followers. Greece, too, has experienced the political persecutions of bacchants. Throughout Brahmanism official Greek or Roman religion, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, we always find the same opposition to the survival of the ancient religions based on the love of nature, on research of the ecstatic, the same persecutions of Shaivism, of Dionysism, Sufism, mystic sects. 
One of the weapons of urban religions is moral tyranny, based on dogmas which allow it to discipline man and to oppose his self-realization. Puritanism is totally unknown in the primitive or natural world. »(14)
You can notice that all the religions listed above, except, of course, those of our Gods, are the prerogative of only one malevolent being. 

Then, he goes on, saying (15)
(bold characters are mine) 
« Especially in things of the flesh, the Christian religion imposes an extremely strict moral code. 
It condemns love in itself, the pride of life. It therefore goes against the most powerful instincts of the human animal. 
Having introduced for moral transgressions the theological notion of sin, which is to say a direct attack on God, this religion weighs down man's entire existence with an unbearable load of guilt, with the expectation of judgement and eternal punishment, which threatens to hamper every action and to kill all joy. There is nothing of all this in the ancient religions. »

Alain Daniélou goes on :
«The persecution of sexuality, essential element of happiness, is a characteristic technique of all patriar-chal, political or religious tyrannies. 
Shivaism remains essentially a religion of the people, but at the same time it is also the religion of the highest degree of initiation in the Hindu world. Indeed there exists no other true initiation except the Shivaite one. All mystery cults have a Shivaite or Dionysiac character. 
The heritage of Shivaism remains the basis of Hindu spititual experience....»
I would add, not only of the Hindus. 
The war waged by all monotheistic religions against Shaivism is global. 
Kali Yuga is surely a terrible interlude, but a short period of time in the long cycles of Life. Shiva is still standing back for a few more years. Then, the Grand Tiger will roar and Evil, knocked out with unbearable sounds for him, will be destroyed.
Everywhere you can see or visit vestiges of Shaivism, without even knowing it. The Stantari in Corsica, the standing stones, those of Carnac, Stonehenge, the stones with face and many others, all evoke the Lingam. All ancient civilizations show a God who dances, ityphallic, horned or even both or all three at once. It is ALWAYS Shiva. I really think that we have to return to ancient Shaivism of which Yoga and Tantra are the two crucial aspects 
A few words about present Tantra:
Unfortunately today, Tantra is wrongly associated to wild sex, sometimes between people who do not even know each other. This is because of teachers who are most of the time incompetent, trained in two weeks in some depraved ashram, without any consciousness or profound and sound approach of Shiva. 
The real Tantra, the primordial sacred Tantra, that of Shiva requires a long and powerful initiation into the great Mysteries, into the many secrets of the universe, supported by Yoga, Hatha that makes strong and solid, and Kundalini that opens chakras and deploys the subtle bodies. And it's certainly not during a weekend at the seaside that one can penetrate the mysteries of authentic Tantra. 

One more word about the standing stones and ancient Shaivism. Everywhere I said, there are vestiges of that undeniable reality. 
Pell-mell : in Mohenjo Daro, in French Basque Country, in Nice, in Corsica, in Brittany, in Sumer, of course in India and in particular in South India, in Kashmir, in Nepal, in Tibet, in Greece, in the entire Middle East, in Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Bali, Malta, on Easter Island, etc. It's enough to read the book written by Sir Mortimer Wheeler (16) to be convinced.
Always the same symbols, the same sacred animals (snake, bull, hawk, owl, ram, tiger, lion, panther, eagle, etc.), an extremely advanced architecture, an amazing cleanliness, huge statues with a third eye, horned Goddesses and Gods, but also the same jewelery, the same stones (especially lapis lazuli), etc, etc, etc. There is no one more blind than one who does not wish to see. 
We are told that the first traces of Shaivism go back to what we call prehistory. In fact, much further. 
Song, mantras, dance, theater, celebrations, tributes, initiations accompany Humanity for more than three hundred thousands years, and our Gods and Goddesses for much longer. Our genealogy, our chronology are corrupted, or established on distorted or made up bases. 

The winner, even of one battle, always rewrites history to his own glory, destroys temples of the defeated to rebuild his own places of worship. Never forget it. Each time you meet a basilica, a cathedral, a church or any religious building, think that below, most of the time, vestiges of OUR temples remain.

Similarly, there is a big mess in the use of the term «Aryan», «Indo-European» and «Indo-Aryan». 
It is easier to speak about the «Children of Shiva». This avoids to constantly justify or specify terms that are corrupted. Regardless the names historians or re-writers of history have used. 
«Under one term, confirmed Marduk to me, sometimes several peoples coexist, while they have nothing in common with each other and are even not descended from the same God ...». 
The same goes with the cosmic battle between the Devas and the Asuras. Sometimes our Gods are the Devas, sometimes the Asuras. «Someone» has visibly taken a malicious pleasure to swap the names at random to add more confusion. 
Shiva is nowadays increasingly understood in ashrams and books (written by the «initiates») as a «spirit», an «energy», a «universal principle», a «concept» and very rarely as a REAL being. Evil works well ...
Even if Shiva is not in your heart, do not shrug your shoulders, because as Montaigne would conclude «it is a foolish presumption to disdain and condemn as false what we do not consider as plausible».

Now, I would like to quote some precursory signs of the End of Times, according to the Linga Purana. This concerns the end of Kali Yuga, not the end of the planet. Very amazingly, in chapter 40 of this Purana which dates back thousands of years, much older than the Prophecy of Thoth (17), the author describes with striking details our present situation.
The goal is not to speak about a situation that all of us experience, at least those with Consciousness but rather to synthesize even to memorize the words of Shiva. Here are some, pell-mell, so to speak (my comments are in regular letters):
«They are the lowest instincts that encourage men of Kali Yuga. They choose preferably misconceptions. ... 
They do not hesitate to persecute sages. Neglect, disease, fear spread. ... Men have no morals ...
It will kill the fetus in the womb of his mother....
(Beware, it is not here about a blind condemnation of abortion that is sometimes necessary but about wars and genocides that do care so little of lives of pregnant women).
The heroes will be killed.... Thieves will become kings and kings will be thieves... 
Vile men will be honored.... 
Sages (scientists) will be serving mediocre men, vain and vindictive. Priests will debase themselves selling the sacraments. 
There will be many displaced people, wandering from one country to another.
Cooked food will be sold (dead food with harmful substances) 
Young girls will be trading their virginity. 
The god of the clouds will be inconsistent with the distribution of rainfall. 
There will be many beggars and unemployed people. 
Water will be scarce and scanty fruits. 
Rape will be frequent. 
People will become inactive, lethargic and purposeless».

You can see how it looks like our present world. 
In the Vishnu Purana (18), Shiva insists : 
«The people of Kali Yuga will pretend to ignore the differences of races and the sanctity of marriage, the relationship of teacher to student, the importance of rites. ... 
The heads of state will no longer protect the people but, through taxes, will appropriate all the wealth ... Many will be dressed in rags, unemployed, sleeping on the floor, living as miserable.»
Keep in mind that in the world of Shiva, our wonderful Father, money, taxes, social contributions, taxations, VAT do not exist. I will not develop here these points that were already explained in other books. (19)
We live in a world that is totally opposite to all the healthy values of Shiva, who is also Vishnu and Brahma. Shiva has 1008 names. Even worse, Humanity is absolutely not aware of the constant evil she yet undergoes. Worst of all, those who dare to speak about the sad future of this mephitic world are mocked, vilified, persecuted and in the worst case, tomorrow, confined to a mental institution or killed.

That's why, in my opinion, it's so crucial to quote these texts. Because, even if many of them have been corrupted, not everything has been erased. Too many volumes, too many writings, too many oral transmissions, too many of everything (including the vestiges of great Civilizations built by Shiva and his Gods). 
Truth, Satya can not restrain itself. And certainly not in the long term. 
Shiva clearly insists: «I am the one who no one can restrain».

Then, you will say, what to do! Going to war, standing on the barricades ? Of course NO. This world will collapse naturally. Why to make a revolution? To bring down a system and to see it immediately be replaced by another equally destructive? 
From this point of view, let's do Shiva-Bhaïrava-Kalki and Kali. 
Let's support our Goddesses and our Gods by sending them lots of energy, by cleverly spreading the Satya, by listening what Shiva wants each of us to do. But going to war, now on earth is certainly not a good idea. 
Read, study, spread. Everything is already said. Everything is already there. Right next to us, in a spacetime that is coming more and more close to ours: Shiva, already winner, as Life has already decided.

Evoke Shiva, stay close to Him: 
« O Shiva, Lord of the Dance, 
Thou who call, by rolling thy drum all who are absorbed in the things of the world, thou who avert fear of the humble ones and comfort them by thy divine love, who thou show by thy foot lifted off the ground, the way of salvation,
Thou who carry the sacrificial fire and dance in the houses of the universe, protect us ! »
Prayer of the people to Shiva

Now I will deepen the Dionysus aspect of Shiva, even if Shiva will remain prominent, no matter what you say or what you do, because for us, all is Shiva. However, I wrote the second part to further develop the sense of the sacred dance. Will you follow me in this short journey that dozens of volumes would not succeed to summarize ?


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